Arkwright's British Food Emporium - in Amsterdam / Shopping [with 3D] / Food & Drink

Arkwright's British Food Emporium

Rozengracht 13

Tel: 0031 (0)203200710
Opening times: 11am - 8pm

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Centrally located, and stocked with almost anything that a British tourist or Expat might miss from home, Arkwright's is both functional, and entertaining. Proprietor Chris, having spent years in Amsterdam, is a mine of useful information, and most helpful when it comes to dispensing it. He has successfully re-created the traditional British corner shop complete with everything from jars of loose sweets, and variously flavored crisps, to Marmite and beyond. Situated within sight of of the Anne Frank House, it's worth popping into Arkwright's for that taste of home, and to bear witness to the unyielding eccentricity of the British.