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Sex workers in Amsterdam tend to ply their trade through three main areas, Private Clubs, Escort Services, and probably the best know of all The Windows, the latter term describing the rooms, lit with red and ultraviolet light, containing a bed and wash basin, and with a "window" onto the street, in which the girl (or transexual) poses to attract clients. These windows can be found in the three main Red Light areas of Amsterdam: 1. De Wal (which is the main area between the Warmoesstraat and Nieuwemarkt), 2. a smaller area between the Spuistraat and the Singel near to Central Station, and 3. along the Ruysdaelkade in Amsterdam's Pijp district near to the Albert Cuyp Market. The usual deal on offer is 15 minutes of sex for 50, although transexuals, and S&M practitioners may charge more.
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